It's not about catching something, it's about getting underneath it.


EverythingIdeas is about sharing ideas. Got a good idea? Let the world know!


One of the biggest issues we had to consider when making this site was idea ownership. There's a lot of debate about that today, especially in the world of computers and software.

Everyday, people have great ideas that could be used to better themselves, society, and the world in general. However, most simply do not have the resources to act upon them.

If a visitor to this website sees a good idea and decides to put it into motion, then the world is that much better because of it.

So don't be worried about someone "stealing" your idea. Instead be hopeful that someone will make it happen.


There are a couple of guidelines we want you geniuses to follow when sharing your ideas.

  1. Ideas only please. Yea, it's a pretty broad word. Use your best judgement.
  2. Don't be a jerk. We're all about freedom of speech and ideas, but offending people is not cool.
  3. No vulgarity. There shouldn't be a need for obscenities or indecencies in an idea. Keep it clean, please.
  4. No self promotion. Don't use the site to advertise your products.


EverythingIdeas was originally created in March 2004 by Matt Sepko and Mike Stenta.

It went dark in 2006 due to extreme brokeness.

It was resurrected in 2012 to fulfill it's ultimate destiny of bringing great ideas to the masses!


Got an idea for the site? Send us a message!